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West Michigan Youth Ballet Mask Policy

West Michigan Youth Ballet Board of Directors has issued the following Covid-19 Mask policy effective Sunday September 12, 2021.  

West Michigan Youth Ballet wants to keep all dancers, staff, and volunteers as safe as possible.  Therefore, based on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”), all individuals who enter the West Michigan Youth Ballet facility, including all dancers, staff, and volunteers, must wear a suitable face mask.  This applies to all individuals regardless of their vaccination status.  All masks must be worn tightly over both the nose and mouth.
If an individual has a medical condition or sincerely-held religious belief that prevents him or her from wearing a suitable face mask over the nose and mouth, please contact the West Michigan Youth Ballet Board at  The Board will discuss the situation with each person to determine if there is an available reasonable accommodation that will allow the person to enter the facility while protecting the safety of the dancers, staff, and volunteers to the greatest extent possible.  As part of that discussion, the Board may require the individual to submit documentation or other evidence to support the need for the requested accommodation.

Please remember that the West Michigan Youth Ballet Board is only responsible for its facility.  Other facilities in which dancers perform may have different requirements or may not grant the same accommodations.  West Michigan Youth Ballet has no control over those facilities or circumstances.

WMYB Board will continue to monitor the situation. This policy will stay in effect until the West Michigan Youth Ballet Board of Directors deems it is safe for all dancers, staff, and volunteers to not wear masks.  The exception to this being the costuming/fitting area.  The continued direct contact with the multitude of dancers consecutively, requires masking to remain in place through the duration of the season.
WMYB Board of Directors:  Marlene Kenneway, Chairman | Mary Anne Rosely, President | Patti Diaz-Lawton, Vice President | Caren Kerprich, Treasurer | Missie Endres, Secretary | Stephen Sanford, Artistic Director | Sara Armbruster | Chelsea Austin | Nicole Bergsma | Carolyn Evans | Carrie Everhart | Amy Feather | Cesar Gonzales | Liz Henry | Mary Jo Kuhlman | Brigitte Nelson, Co-Founder | Sally Shull | Judy Sulka | Pat Waring.
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