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West Michigan Youth Ballet (WMYB) is proud to present the comedic ballet  "Coppélia". Join Swanhilda and her friends as they discover who is the mysterious girl with enamel eyes in the strange and fascinating house of Dr. Coppélius. "Coppélia" is a clever and humorous ballet suitable for all ages.


Forest Hills Fine Arts Center

600 Forest Hill Avenue SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546-2322

March 26th

1:00 pm

March 26th

4:30 pm 

Story Synopsis

Act I

Dr. Coppélius is an eccentric toymaker. He has built a life-sized doll, Coppélia, and daydreams of her coming to life. Franz, a young villager betrothed to Swanhilda, is unaware that Coppélia, who sits at Dr. Coppélius’ window, is only a doll and finds himself attracted to her beauty.


In the village square, celebrations are underway for the following day’s harvest festival, when Franz and Swanhilda will tie the knot. The couple bicker and quarrel, but Swanhilda shakes a stalk of wheat to test Franz’s faithfulness, and the couple make up by the evening. Following a run-in with some mischievous youths on his way out, Dr. Coppélius drops the key to his house. Swanhilda and her girlfriends pick it up and decide to venture in to meet Coppélia.


Act II

Entering Dr. Coppélius’s house, Swanhilda and her friends find out that Coppélia is nothing but one of the mysterious toymaker’s creations. Dr. Coppélius soon returns and drives out all the intruders, but Swanhilda remains trapped. She sees Franz climb in through the window, hoping to meet Coppélia too. But he is intercepted by Dr. Coppélius and is made to drink till he passes out.


Dr Coppélius takes the opportunity to cast a spell, seeking to give life to Coppélia by transferring Franz’s life force to the doll. He is overjoyed when she comes to life, not knowing that Swanhilda – who has been following all his actions – has taken her place. Franz regains his consciousness, and soon all is revealed. Swanhilda forgives Franz and they run out, leaving the dismayed Dr. Coppélius alone with his toys.



The villagers gather to celebrate the harvest, as well as the wedding of Swanhilda and Franz. Dr. Coppélius is upset and bitter, and threatens to take revenge for the intrusion to his home, but he is pacified by the mayor who gives him a purse of gold. The festivities continue into the night, with the “Dance of the Hours” and the wedding Pas de Deux.