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Changing lives for kids is what West Michigan Youth Ballet is committed to. We are continuously fostering the pursuit and passion of artistic expression through the art of dance, in our youth. Since its inception, WMYB has provided thousands of dancers with the opportunity to learn a classically choreographed ballet and perform it in front of a live audience in two annual professional productions. The dancers are introduced to classic ballet pieces and experience all facets of the performance including auditions, casting, rehearsals, costuming, set design, and performance.

Additionally, WMYB makes community outreach a priority by bringing ballet programs to youth in under-served areas. WMYB has formed strong relationships with the Boys and Girls Club of Grand Rapids as well as Coit Elementary of Grand Rapids Public Schools. Students of WMYB and its outreach programs experience the many physical and mental health benefits of dance including self-confidence, teamwork, acceptance, discipline, and creative expression. While more mainstream team sports receive school funding, ballet receives almost no academic support. Therefore, dancers must develop and maintain their abilities outside of school. WMYB offers students of all ages and backgrounds with the coaching, facilities, and support to pursue their passion for ballet.

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