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Cinderella is working hard with a heavy heart and dreaming of a better life. Her ill- tempered stepsisters bicker and fight while her domineering stepmother tries to keep the peace between them. Cinderella responds to their wishes and demands patiently. The household busily prepares as the haberdasher, dressmakers, dance teacher and violinists arrive. Cinderella asks to go to the ball but her cruel stepmother refuses. Cinderella takes solace in her dreams, imagining she is dancing at the ball using her broom as a dance partner. The old woman reappears and reveals herself as Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother. She calls upon the fairies and sprites of the four seasons, who bring gifts to Cinderella to reward her for her kind heart and prepare her for the ball. Before Cinderella rushes off to the ball, she is warned by the time lord and numerals that she must leave before the clock strikes midnight, as the spell will be broken.


The Prince’s ball is filled with beautiful dancers from across the kingdom as well as the king and queen and court jesters. The prince makes his entrance and the maidens vie for his attention especially the stepsisters. Cinderella arrives and everyone marvels at her beauty wondering who this mysterious guest might be. The Prince and Cinderella declare their love for each other, and Cinderella forgets that the hour of midnight is approaching. Despite the Fairy Godmother’s warning, the clock strikes midnight as the time lord and the numerals warn Cinderella. She rushes from the palace, leaving her slipper behind.


The morning after the ball, the stepsisters continue to fight, but are shocked as the Prince and his entourage arrive searching for his true love. The stepsisters unsuccessfully attempt to force the slipper to fit. As Cinderella is pushed aside the slipper accidentally falls from her apron. The Prince slips the shoe on to her foot and realizes that he has found his true love. As the two are reunited, there is a festive party to celebrate.

cinderella Playbill


WMYB Venues

Forest Hills Fine Arts Center

Grand Rapids

Dec 10

Saturday Matinee @1PM


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Reflecting the community’s spirited dedication to the arts—and made possible through a special bond referendum approved in 2000—the Forest Hills Public Schools Fine Arts Center was created to enhance the artistic growth and enjoyment of area youth, families, and seniors. Custom designed and equipped with leading-edge technology, the 62,000 square foot facility provides a uniquely effective environment for learning opportunities and staged performances in all aspects of the performing and visual arts.


Frauenthal Center


The Frauenthal Center is Muskegon’s premier destination for vibrant entertainment, event hosting, art exhibits and office leasing. We have a rich history and honor that past through thoughtful use of space, careful restoration and technology. We strive to bring a variety of new entertainment experiences to the region, accessible for everyone to enjoy. The historic Frauenthal Theater and intimate Beardsley Theater set the stage for the latest in music, drama, speaking engagements and more.

Frauenthal stage.jpg

Performances will last approximately 2 hours with a fifteen-minute intermission.

Theater doors will open 30 minutes prior to the performance.

This magical holiday tradition is suitable for the whole family.

More Info

Forest Hills Fine Arts Center

Address: 600 Forest Hill Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Phone: (616) 493-8965

Frauenthal Center

Address: 425 W Western Ave STE 200, Muskegon, MI 49440
Phone: (231) 722-9750